I was wondering how one is able to produce error messages in R, especially from within a function?

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    It's not exactly an answer (that's why I make it a comment here) to @petermeissner question, but surely often overlooked and helpful in this context: geterrmessage() returns the last error message, enabling you to pass error messages from other functions (used within your own functions) around. Quite helpful when used with tryCatch. Dec 23, 2016 at 10:05

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Since you don't specify what you really want, all I just can say is take a look at

?message # prints a message but not stop execution
?warning # prints a warning message but not stop execution
?stop # stops execution of the current expression and executes an error action.

Simply include stop() inside your function/script

If you'd like an error message, include it inside stop() like so

stop("This is an error message")

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