I'm trying to post a LVN_ ITEMCHANGED to my custom gridlist's owner. I know how to send a WM_ User message using PostMessage (as shown here)

::PostMessage( AfxGetMainWnd()->GetSafeHwnd(), WM_REFRESH, (WPARAM)pBuffer, (LPARAM)GetOutputIdx() );

When I use this same code to send a LVN_ITEMCHANGED message though,

::PostMessage( AfxGetMainWnd()->GetSafeHwnd(), LVN_ITEMCHANGED, 0, 0);

it doesn't seem to be caught by the


I have in the owner class.

Am I wrong to be using ::PostMessage to send a Notify event?
Is there a difference between Notify messages and WM_ prefix messages or how they're handled?
Can someone post a sample of how I would send the message properly?

Thanks in advance.

I found another solution to the problem. See my answer below.

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Send WM_NOTIFY, pass control id as wParam and NMHDR* as lParam.

You'll need to allocate an NMHDR variable and fill it appropriately - set code to LVN_ITEMCHANGED and idFrom to the control id. You can only use SendMessage(), not PostMessage() since the receiving party will directly read memory through the NMHDR* pointer.

Smth like this:

NMHDR nmhdr;
nmhdr.code = LVN_ITEMCHANGED;
nmhdr.idFrom = controlId;
nmhdr.hwndFrom = controlWindowHandle;
SendMessage( targetWindowHandle, WM_NOTIFY, controlId, &nmhdr );
  • I don't really understand the answer. Could you post a code example please? Aug 13, 2009 at 14:57

I found out that I could override the message handler in my derived class and pass the message on to my parent control simply by using this code in the message map:


Then in OnListItemChanged, I first call the base class function then return FALSE. This causes the message to be reflected to the parent class effortlessly.

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