I have install OpenSUSE. I want to install apt-get on OpenSESU. Than I search on Google, but the result is useless.

Can anyone tell me how to install apt-get on OpenSUSE?

I'm not saying YaST is bad. However I like Ubuntu-Softwere-Center better.


You can always build the Debian packaging system (dpkg/apt) from source... http://packages.debian.org/stable/admin/apt-src That would be the most straight forward answer to what you're asking. But I would be doing you a huge disservice by not telling you why you shouldn't do that, so I'll do that for you as well. SUSE is built around RPMs and while I like dpkg better than RPM, I would never try to convert an RPM based distro to a debian based distro because they're architected differently.

For starters, SUSE uses a separate and completely different init system, Ubuntu uses Upstart and SUSE uses the old BSD-style init. SUSE stores its libraries in different places and names them differently, that means you'd need to have a different set of libraries to support all of the Ubuntu software you'd install through apt or the software center. Next, there's the fact that apt on ubuntu is designed as a comprehensive package manager, it's meant to manage everything, kernel updates, the boot loader, system configurations... The configuration files will not all be organized the same way between the two distros and so you'll end up with problems for that reason as well.

Sure with enough effort (I'm talking weeks and weeks of converting the distro) you'll eventually make it work, albeit very poorly. If you want to use the Ubuntu software center, just install Ubuntu. You'll never be able to make a package manager from another distro a drop in replacement without a separate set of repositories for packages, that by the way you will have to manage and update from the upstream.

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