What does this built-in function do? What is the "history" that it is deleting?

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The sp_syspolicy_purge_history is used by Policy Based Management in SQL server to clear out the policy evaluation history.

Extract from SQLServerPedia

SQL Server 2008 introduced a new feature called Policy Based Management. A Policy can be something like xp_cmdshell should not be enabled on an instance. When a policy runs it stores the results in MSDB. Over a period of time, this may will cause unnecessary data getting piled up in MSDB. *The job syspolicy_purge_history prunes the data older than the the days defined in HistoryRetentionInDays property of Policy Management*.

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    You can see what the instance's policies are, and the histories of them being executed (the history being purged by this job), using SQL Server Management Studio: under the "Management" folder, then the "Policy Management" folder, then the 'Policies' folder, you can right click a policy and “View History” for a policy or a group of policies. This will provide information on execution date, policy name, targets, details and messages. See blogs.extremeexperts.com/2011/01/13/… Feb 17 '16 at 16:47

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