I’m trying to make a request using CURL like this:

curl -X DELETE "https://myhost/context/path/users/OXYugGKg207g5uN/07V" 

where OXYugGKg207g5uN/07V is a hash, so I suppose that I need to encode before do this request.

I have tried curl -X DELETE --data-urlenconded "https://myhost/context/path/users/OXYugGKg207g5uN/07V"

Some ideas?

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    Is the server even receiving requests? It looks like you're URL encoding the whole URL... which would create an unusable URL. – shortstuffsushi Oct 4 '12 at 20:38
  • Did you really try --data-urlenconded? Spelling this correctly might help you. – TRiG Feb 4 '16 at 12:53

If really OXYugGKg207g5uN/07V is the hash then you need to encode that, not the whole url. You can use an encoding function available inside the environment you use cURL in.


Try this

curl -X DELETE "https://myhost/context/path/users/$(echo -ne "OXYugGKg207g5uN/07V" | xxd -plain | tr -d '\n' | sed 's/\(..\)/%\1/g')"

It is equivilent to

curl -X DELETE "https://myhost/context/path/users/%4f%58%59%75%67%47%4b%67%32%30%37%67%35%75%4e%2f%30%37%56"

Here, every character is replaced by its byte respresentation... I don't think it is particularly pretty, but it works.

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