How do you remove a child from a hasMany relationship without deleting the child?

I have tried setting the foreign_key of the child to null. I have also tried using removeObject on the parent relationship.

here is an example.

App.Invoice = DS.Model.extend
  lines: DS.hasMany('App.Line')

App.Line = DS.Model.extend
  invoice: DS.belongsTo('App.Invoice')

App.InvoiceController = Ember.Controller.extend
  removeLine: (line) ->
    line.set('invoice', null)

App.InvoiceEditView = Ember.View.extend
  templateName: 'invoice'

App.LineView = Ember.View.extend
  tagName: 'tr'
  templateName: 'line'

#invoice template
    {{#each content.tasks}}
      {{view App.LineView}}

#line template
<td><a {{action "removeLine" view.context}}>remove</a></td>

I am currently using

jquery 1.8.2
ember.js v1.0.pre-4
ember-data v11

In the remove() function, it commit()'s and then calls remove() again. That would cause the "setProperty in state rootState.loaded.updated.inFlight" error, because the record cannot be changed while the Ajax request is inflight.

If your intention is to actually delete the Line, thereby removing it from the hasMany association, then I suggest a remove() function like:

remove: function(event) {
  var item = event.context;
  if (item.get('isDeleted')) return;
  return item;

Note that once something has be marked for deletion by deleteRecord(), it will remain live in Ember with isDeleted == true until a commit() completes successfully. You may want to add a classNames binding to hide it with CSS once it's marked for deletion:

#line template
<tr {{bindAttr class="isDeleted"}}>
  <td><a {{action "removeLine" target="view"}}>remove</a></td>

With CSS like:

.is-deleted { display: none; }
  • mars thanks for the reply. I had a typo the remove() function should be removeLine() that then calls remove() which inherits from Ember.View and removes the element from the DOM. I screwed up when paraphrasing my question. But the problem is still the same. I need to remove the line from the invoice without deleting the line. I thought it would be easy to remove the foreign_key from the child or use the removeObject function on the collection but I get that error and it doesn't send the changes to the server on commit(). – Aaron Renoir Oct 7 '12 at 21:09

It seems that setting invoice to an empty string works.

 App.InvoiceController = Ember.Controller.extend
   removeLine: (line) ->
     line.set('invoice', '')
  • removeObject did it for me to delete that one entry from the hasMany relationship – Preexo Oct 21 '14 at 10:50

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