I am writing a multithreaded server application, in C (linux), that must listen to 2 different port numbers, say listen to port no 3000 and 4000, for different clients connecting to it to serve different functionality (actual function is executed by a worker thread, main thread runs indefinitely and spawns of new workers upon new connections). I am not sure if select would work here as we can have multiple socket connections but all associated with same port number. I tried sequentially binding to sock_1 and sock_2. When I run client_1, everything works as expected. But, when I run client_2, I get an error on connect() from client side. If select() can be used here, please let me know how to do it. Any help much appreciated ! Thanks !

(P.S sock_1 refers to port no 3000 and sock_2 refers to port no 4000, client_1 refers to client thats seeking service from port 3000 and client_2 refers to client seeking service from same server from port no 4000)

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    This is exactly what select is designed to do. (And poll, epoll, kqueue, etc.) Have you tried reading the select man page? – Dietrich Epp Oct 5 '12 at 6:23

You have totally misunderstood socket and port, these two are different things. A port can have multiple sockets. but you can bind your listing socket(passive socket) to only a single port. Before going any further read this

If you want that your application listen on two different ports, have you bind two different sockets with it.

For a Quick reference a select in single process can only have upto 1024 socket descriptors. So if you are using a single process model then a select can only handle 1024 connections. Also read C10k problem see what suits your need.


Using select() is great if your application has to accept data from more than one socket at a time since it will block until any one of a number of sockets is ready with data. One other advantage to select() is that you can set a time-out value after which control will be returned to you whether any of the sockets have data for you or not.
Following Links are useful to you:


Chapter-6: What I understood your application 'not required select()' Have a look on code at following link: http://kturley.com/simple-multi-threaded-web-server-written-in-c-using-pthreads/

Have call two different bind() for different ports in your code? As pointed by @Rahul Gautam in his answer.

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