I have numerous filters in Gmail and whenever I need to do maintenance is very difficult. To make matters worse, whenever a filter is edited it changes the order of the listing, so I have to look for reading all filters. At least there could be the option to save a label for each filter.

Is there any way or software ready to more easily manage Gmail filters?


This has been a problem with Filters ever since Google implemented them. People have been asking for a way to re-order the filters since filters were in Beta. Google apparently doesn't care to address this. The only way I know is to export all your filters, edit the mailfilters.xml file that results, then delete all your filters, and reimport from the edited mailfilters.xml file.

Hell of a sloppy and error-prone way to do it. They should have a simple +/- & top/bottom button or column on the filter list page that moves the selected filter in the desired direction.

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The simplest solution is to edit the filters as an XML file.

You should export the filters to XML file, edit that file using Notepad or any other text editor or any IDE you like, and then import them back to Gmail.

Here are step by step instructions:

  • Go to Gmail Settings > Filters and Blocklist
  • Click 'Select All'
  • Click 'Export'
  • Open the downloaded XML file in your favorite text editor, edit it as you wish
  • Return to Gmail Filters and Blocklist Tab
  • Click 'Import Filters'
  • Click 'Select File', select your XML file
  • Click 'Open File'
  • Click 'Create Filters' (Note that edited filters will override their old versions)

And that's all.

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Not technically a GUI—unless you count Vim (or Emacs) as a GUI—and you'll have to learn a bit of Haskell to do it, but: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/google-mail-filters

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  • you should add that as a separate answer. – studgeek Apr 23 '17 at 16:05

Here's one more option that allows you to define your Gmail filters in YAML and upload them. Unfortunately, it currently does not appear to have the ability to download your current filters.


Also not a GUI, but arguably easier to edit and manipulate rules vs the native Gmail interface.

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It seems that there was a manager filters, but the project is not accessible "today": http://www.antepedia.com/detail/p/13469527.html;jsessionid=A9A329776C66653E45067C25E28C9150

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