I am currently struggling hard with a fair simple problem. I want to receive a message from RabbitMQ and have that transformed into a string (or later a json object). But all I get is bytes.

The Message object displays itself as a string that way

(Body:'{"cityId":644}'; ID:null; Content:application/json; Headers:{}; Exchange:; RoutingKey:pages.type.index; Reply:null; DeliveryMode:NON_PERSISTENT; DeliveryTag:1)

The configuration class (using spring)

public class RabbitConfiguration {

    public CachingConnectionFactory connectionFactory() {
        CachingConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new CachingConnectionFactory("www.example.com");
        return connectionFactory;

    public MessageConverter jsonMessageConverter(){
        JsonMessageConverter jsonMessageConverter = new JsonMessageConverter();
        return jsonMessageConverter;

    public SimpleMessageListenerContainer messageListenerContainer(){
        SimpleMessageListenerContainer container = new SimpleMessageListenerContainer(connectionFactory());
        container.setMessageListener(new MessageListenerAdapter(pageListener(), jsonMessageConverter()));
        return container;

    public Queue indexQueue(){
        return new Queue("pages.type.index");

    public MessageListener pageListener(){
        return new PageQueueListener();


and the message listener

public class PageQueueListener implements MessageListener {

    public void onMessage(Message message) {

my problem is, that the getBody() method displayes [B@4dbb73b0 so nothing is ever converted. Neither to a string nor to a json object :(

I feel stupid, but I cannot find a solution here


message.getBody() returns a byte[]


byte[] body = message.getBody();
System.out.println(new String(body));
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    you are about to be kidding me... that worked, but how about the MessageConverter, doesn't that do anything? – MatthiasLaug Oct 5 '12 at 14:31
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    Also if you look inside the source code for org.springframework.amqp.core.Message you'll find a method with signature private String getBodyContentAsString() which does it like this: return new String(body, ENCODING); ... therefore this should suffice as well: System.out.println(new String(message.getBody(), Charset.defaultCharset().name())) – pulkitsinghal Jun 12 '13 at 22:05
  • I'm using getBody() method but it results out of memory exception exactly at the line of new String. Actually, after a long time running, it fails but the exception. Do you have any advice to overcome this problem? – epcpu Mar 25 '19 at 12:38

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