HI, I 'm trying to sort the rows in my datatable using select method. I know that i can say


which in effect is a where clause and will return n rows that satisfy the condition.

I was wondering can i do the following

datatable.select("ORDER BY col1") ---col1 is the name of hte column

I tried datatable.defaultview.sort() but didnt work

Any ideas on how to get around this issue. thanks


Have you tried using the DataTable.Select(filterExpression, sortExpression) method?



datatable.select("col1='test'","col1 ASC")

Then before binding your data to the grid or repeater etc, use this


That will solve your problem.

  • yes. I was looking for the same issue and found the solution somehwere, tested it and then posted here. – Steve Johnson Dec 3 '13 at 6:47

You can use the below simple method of sorting:

datatable.DefaultView.Sort = "Col2 ASC,Col3 ASC,Col4 ASC";

By the above method, you will be able to sort N number of columns.

  • The DefaultView.Sort worked great!! Made is wicked easy thank you!! – Kaos Sep 21 '12 at 15:24

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