How can I dump an entire MongoDB database as text (plain text, json, or CSV)?

I'm using an application I'm not too familiar with. I'd like to

  • clear the database
  • load seed data
  • dump the whole db as text
  • do some stuff
  • dump again

then diff the two!


You can use mongoexport utility. It will dump out json by default but you can specify to dump out csv format.

mongoexport --help will give you all the options you will need.

You mentioned that you would like to dump all the collections from a database, and mongoexport expects you to specify a database and collection name, since it expects to dump one collection.

You can write a short shell script (if you are on Windows, convert to batch script) to the effect of:

# assuming mongo bin is in your path


for c in `mongo --quiet $host:$port/$db --eval 'db.getCollectionNames()' | sed 's/,/ /g'`
    mongoexport --host $host --port $port -d $db -c $c > $c.json
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  • I wish to dump all collections (for one database) at once. I don't see an easy way to do that with mongoexport. Do you? – Adam Monsen Oct 7 '12 at 20:45

Using mongodump and bsondump:

Step 1 Dump the entire database to BSON files:

 mongodump --db db1

Step 2 Convert each BSON file to JSON file:

for f in dump/db1/*.bson; do bsondump "$f" > "$f.json"; done

Hope it's helps!

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