function date($x) {
    $contents = $_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'];
    $contents = file("$contents");
    $date = $contents[$x][6].$contents[$x][7]
    return $date;

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare date() in .../includes.php on line 20

I have created several functions with the same exact structure as the one above and they work fine. For some reason this function keeps returning this error. Any suggestions/solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated!



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PHP already has a date() function and you cannot overwrite existing functions in this language. Rename your function and it will work. Or wrap it in a class and it will work as well.


date is an existing built-in function in PHP. You can not redeclare existing functions. http://www.php.net/date


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare x.php (previously declared in ...)

if (!function_exists('gule')) {
    function gule() {...}

I googled this because I could not redeclare function, as the .php file was included multiple times. Though unrelated, somebody might get here looking for this answer because of topic. :]

  • I added this to my page and then get an error 1064 saying I have an error in mySQL syntax on line 1. Line 1 is where I put this code. Since for some reason my inc_pgtop.php is redeclaring the timeOptions function
    – Jamie
    Feb 18, 2013 at 17:39

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