I'm not sure whether to call this a need for multi-threading, job-based, or async, but basically I have a Powershell script function that takes several parameters and I need to call it several times with different parameters and have these run in parallel.

Currently, I call the function like this:

Execute "param1" "param2" "param3" "param4"

How can I call this multiple times without waiting for each call to Execute return to the caller?

Currently I'm running v2.0 but I can update if necessary

EDIT: here's what I have so far, which doesn't work:

$cmd = {
    Execute $vmxFilePath $machineName $username $password $scriptTpath $scriptFile $uacDismissScript $snapshotName

Start-Job -ScriptBlock $cmd -ArgumentList $vmxFilePath, $machineName, $username $password, $scriptTpath, $scriptFile, $uacDismissScript, $snapshotName

I get an error:

cannot convert 'system.object[]' to the type 'system.management.automation.scriptblock' required by parameter 'initializationscript'. specified method is not supported

EDIT2: I've modified my script but I still get the error mentioned above. Here's my mod:

$cmd = {
    Execute $vmxFilePath $machineName $username $password $scriptTpath $scriptFile $uacDismissScript $snapshotName

Start-Job -ScriptBlock $cmd -ArgumentList $vmxFilePath, $machineName, $username $password, $scriptTpath, $scriptFile, $uacDismissScript, $snapshotName

No update necessary for this. Define a script block and use Start-Job to run the script block as many times as necessary. Example:

$cmd = {
  param($a, $b)
  Write-Host $a $b

$foo = "foo"

1..5 | ForEach-Object {
  Start-Job -ScriptBlock $cmd -ArgumentList $_, $foo

The script block takes 2 parameters $a and $b which are passed by the -ArgumentList option. In the example above, the assignments are $_$a and $foo$b. $foo is just an example for a configurable, but static parameter.

Run Get-Job | Remove-Job at some point to remove the finished jobs from the queue (or Get-Job | % { Receive-Job $_.Id; Remove-Job $_.Id } if you want to retrieve the output).

  • I'm still having a hard time mapping your solution to get my own script to work. I'm going to start simple, and just try to get Start-Job to run my scriptblock with the arguments which my custom function, Execute, requires. Maybe you can expand? Is $foo a parameter in addition to the ones specificed by param($a, $b) ? – JohnZaj Oct 7 '12 at 14:18
  • I see now, thanks. I still get the error though. If you're unsure what this could be I'll just create separate post/question. – JohnZaj Oct 7 '12 at 19:58
  • For testing purposes replace the call of your Execute() function with code that just echoes the parameters. Does that work? If it does, the problem lies with the function you want to call. – Ansgar Wiechers Oct 8 '12 at 8:26

Here's a quick bogus scriptblock for the purpose of testing:

$Code = {
    param ($init)
    $start = Get-Date
    (1..30) | % { Start-Sleep -Seconds 1; $init +=1 }
    $stop = Get-Date
    Write-Output "Counted from $($init - 30) until $init in $($stop - $start)."

This scriptblock can then be passed on to Start-Job, with for example 3 parameters (10, 15, 35)

$jobs = @()
(10,15,35) | % { $jobs += Start-Job -ArgumentList $_ -ScriptBlock $Code }

Wait-Job -Job $jobs | Out-Null
Receive-Job -Job $jobs

This creates 3 jobs, assign them to the $jobs variable, runs them in parallel and then waits for these 3 jobs to finish, and retrieves the results:

Counted from 10 until 40 in 00:00:30.0147167.
Counted from 15 until 45 in 00:00:30.0057163.
Counted from 35 until 65 in 00:00:30.0067163.

This did not take 90 seconds to execute, only 30.

One of the tricky parts is to provide -Argumentlist to Start-Job, and include a param() block inside the ScriptBlock. Otherwise, your values are never seen by the scriptblock.


I'm sorry that everyone missed your issue - I know it is far too late now, but...

This error is caused because you are missing a comma between $username and $password in your list.

You can test it out with this snippet, which I modelled off of the previous answers:

$cmd = {
  param($a, $b, $c, $d)
$foo = "foo"
$bar = "bar"
start-job -scriptblock $cmd -ArgumentList "a", $foo, $bar, "gold" #added missing comma for this to work

You can use an alternative which may be faster than invoking jobs if the function is not a long running one. Max thread is 25 and I'm only invoking this function 10 times, so I expect my total runtime to be 5 seconds. You can wrap Measure-Command around the 'results=' statement to view stats.


$ScriptBlock = {
    Param ( [int]$RunNumber )
    Start-Sleep -Seconds 5   
    Return $RunNumber
$runNumbers = @(1..10)
$MaxThreads = 25
$runspacePool = [RunspaceFactory ]::CreateRunspacePool(1, $MaxThreads)
$pipeLines = foreach($num in $runNumbers){
    $pipeline = [powershell]::Create()
    $pipeline.RunspacePool = $runspacePool
    $pipeline.AddScript($ScriptBlock)    | Out-Null   
    $pipeline.AddArgument($num)  | Out-Null
    $pipeline | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name 'AsyncResult' -Value $pipeline.BeginInvoke() -PassThru 
#obtain results as they come.
$results =  foreach($pipeline in $pipeLines){
    $pipeline.EndInvoke($pipeline.AsyncResult )
#cleanup code.
$pipeLines | % { $_.Dispose()}
$pipeLines = $null
if ( $runspacePool ) { $runspacePool.Close()}
#your results

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