I got following problem:

I load an image into my canvas and do stuff with it (f.e. inverse the colors or more performance-needing stuff). After that I still want to be able to scale and rotate the canvas (or the manipulated image in it). That for (if I got it right) I need to redraw the image, well - the manipulation is gone then.

So: - Can I save the image somehow and redraw it after the manipulation (ctx.save() and ctx.restore() seems not working in this case) - Or do I have to rotate and scale by pixelmanipulation (wouldn't be a problem, but would be cool if canvas-transformation could do it)

Thank you for your help!


You can achieve what you want using two canvas elements, drawing on one for your maniuplation and then drawing that canvas on the second to apply the rotation:

var canvas1 = document.createElement('canvas'),
    canvas2 = document.createElement('canvas'),
    ctx1 = canvas1.getContext('2d'),
    ctx2 = canvas2.getContext('2d');

/// use ctx1 to perform whatever manipulation you want, and then...

/// start
/// shift our "hotspot" to the center
ctx2.translate(canvas2.width / 2, canvas2.height / 2);
/// rotate 45 degrees clockwise.. obviously you can do what you want here
/// scale, fade, flip, stretch, rotate... whatever 
ctx2.rotate(Math.PI / 4);
/// draw your first canvas with it's manipulated image on to the second
/// along with it's rotation
ctx2.drawImage( canvas1, 0,0 );
/// all done

I find the above easier to work with, however you can also use the following, which will grab out / put back the current image data of a canvas element:


You can find out how to use these here:



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  • Thank you very much, this seems to be a convinient way to do it! – kaljak Oct 8 '12 at 7:24

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