I'm having some confusion on the type simpletype, simplecontent, complextype and complexcontent.

I'm almost new to xsd. Can someone help to clear the confusion that giving concrete examples.


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I know it's a bit late but I hope this article helps someone.

In short:

<complexType> and <simpleType> both define types. Complex types can have element descendants and attributes while simple types can't.

Complex types can have simple or complex content. Types with <complexContent> can contain child elements while those with <simpleContent> can only contain characters.

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What is a Complex Element?

A complex element is an XML element that contains other elements and/or attributes. There are four kinds of complex elements:

  1. empty elements
  2. elements that contain only other elements
  3. elements that contain only text
  4. elements that contain both other elements and text

Note: Each of these elements may contain attributes as well!

Examples of Complex Elements

  1. A complex XML element, "product", which is empty:
<product pid="1345"/>
  1. A complex XML element, "employee", which contains only other elements:
  1. A complex XML element, "food", which contains only text:
<food type="dessert">Chapati</food>
  1. A complex XML element, "description", which contains both elements and text:
    It happened on <date lang="hindi">18.03.99</date> ....

Another good XSD tutorial here.


xs:simpleType define a value type, this value can then be used within an element or attribute (so you could define an double with 2 decimal places or a string in the format of an IP address).

xs:complexTypes describe the structure of an element. It can define its textual value, its attributes and its child elements. The textual value and attribute values are described by xs:simpleType's.


SimpleType can only have value within the closing tag as follows:



ComplexType can have children with attributes as follows:

<complexType name="xx">
        <extension base="xx">
                <element name="xx" type="xx" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" />

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