I'm looking for a way to modify a page like this> http://speckyboy.com/demo/digg-style-radio-buttons/index.html so users can highlight one selection per row, IOW 8 radio button groups using a comparable visual style, not the traditional looking radio button controls.

I've tried nearly all the suggestions in stackoverflow I could find for handling radio button groups the last few days, but I clearly don't know enough js to adapt those suggestions properly. Can anyone help?


Can't you use the same id for all the radio buttons so that they work as a single entity? Then you can place them wherever you like.

  • All the radio buttons have the same id, currently, which is why only one out of all those selectable text strings is highlighted. I'm trying to find a way to select one in each row, so the ultimately, in that specific page's layout, 8 elements (1 per row) could be highlighted. – user1729539 Oct 8 '12 at 19:26

You should use class(not ID, id must be unique on the page).

1 You can get all radio buttons


2 Now you can use each More details here http://api.jquery.com/each/

 $('.class').each(function(index) {
       // Add to element

3 To add you can with






Just use a class for your elements - not sure if you were using radio buttons in the background or not like the example you posted

Minimized html

<div id='group1' class='radio'>
Group 1
<input type='radio' name='test'/> 
<div class='row'>
    <a href='#' class='c'>group 1a</a>   


$('.row a').click(function(e){
   var $this = $(this);
   $this.addClass('sel') // add class to currently clicked anchor
        .siblings() // get siblings
        .removeClass('sel'); // remove class from siblings

   $('.radio').eq($('.row').index($this.parent())) // <-- get row of radios equal to this row
              .find('input[type=radio]') // find the inputs radios under this
              .eq($this.index()) // get radio with same index as clicked anchor
              .click(); // trigger click


  • OMG! Thanks so much, wirey, especially for the JSFiddle view. I just started learning js, but sweet little book examples to address basic concepts is never as help as much as examining real implementations to study how they tick. – user1729539 Oct 9 '12 at 0:40
  • @user1729539 np.. :) It's fun programming!! Don't forget to accept answer if it answers your question – ᾠῗᵲᄐᶌ Oct 9 '12 at 3:00

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