I'm trying to read a file that I have a web address for into a byte array. I've been using File.ReadAllBytes to read files locally and I've been unable to figure out the cleanest way to do this for a file on the web.

I imagine this is just a quick snippet of code, but everything I can find through search is only for local files.

byte[] response = new System.Net.WebClient().DownloadData(url);
  • Fantastic! Thanks for the speedy response! – nsantorello Aug 14 '09 at 17:11
  • 14
    Not sure if that WebClient will dispose, better to wrap it in a using surely? – JL. May 19 '10 at 8:35
  • 2
    @JL. The irony is that LeakyCode wrote the answer. :-) – Rebecca Feb 27 '14 at 11:44
  • If you simply call DownloadData, not calling Dispose would not be too bad. Unlike handling WebRequest manually, it's not gonna leave an open TCP connection hanging or things like that. – mmx Feb 28 '14 at 0:42
  • You should be careful when using WebClient for downloading multiple files. It doesn't support concurrent I/O operations. If you want to download multiple files you can create multiple WebClient instances. – Joseph Katzman May 28 '20 at 7:26

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