What is the best way to implement a AJAX login portal?
I am creating a login portal like Stack Overflow's that will allow a user to select mutiple methods for logging in to a site.

How do I make the selection AJAX so that for an example if the user uses "site login" then the div or the content of the login panel with AJAX and refresh to a sign in form?

Should I have these in different divs, then do a show or hide with jQuery or is there another method I should be using?

     <ul id="login-options">
          <li>site login</li>

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Attach click events to the options first :

<ul id="login-options">
      <li id="site">site login</li>
      <li id="facebook">facebook</li>
      <li id="google">google</li>
      <li id="twitter">twitter</li>

One method is to add forms in HTML for each login type in a separate div, and hide. On the ajax selector for the option, show the corresponding div.

 $("#site").click(function() {



The second is to add the form markup to a div dynamically from inside jQuery.

   $("#div_site_login").html('your form here');

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