I want to export data back to an XML file, after some modification to data I imported from some other XML file (those first line variables never change).

When I click Developer >> export

Excel shows:

cannot save or export XML data. The XML maps in this workbook are not exportable.

This happes even when I do nothing to modify the data.

I watched several export tutorials on YouTube, but none cover my problem.


The usual reason is the Excel doesn't understand very complicated XML.

From office.microsoft.com:

An XML mapping cannot be exported if the mapped element’s relationship with other elements cannot be preserved. This relationship may not be preserved for the following reasons:

The schema definition of a mapped element is contained within a sequence with the following attributes:

  • The maxoccurs attribute is not equal to 1.
  • The sequence has more than one direct child element defined, or has another compositor as a direct child.
  • Nonrepeating sibling elements with the same repeating parent element are mapped to different XML tables.
  • Multiple repeating elements are mapped to the same XML table, and the repetition is not defined by an ancestor element.
  • Child elements from different parents are mapped to the same XML table.

Additionally, the XML mapping cannot be exported if it contains one of the following XML schema constructs:

List of lists

  • One list of items contains a second list of items.

Denormalized data

  • An XML table contains an element that has been defined in the schema to occur once (the maxoccurs attribute is set to 1). When you add such an element to an XML table, Excel fills the table column with multiple instances of the element.


  • A mapped element is part of a schema construct.
  • Delete some starting columns and try exporting again. Worked for me – Ssenyonjo Feb 1 at 7:09

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