I want to extract the key value from the JSON response received for a login web service and pass that key value to all other subsequent services.

Note: This key value is dynamic.

The JSON response looks like this:

 "serverTime":"10/09/2012 20:02:57"

Please help me in writing the reqular expression to extract the same and to pass that key value to all other next web services.

Please let me know what should I write in the fields "Reference Name:", "Regular Expression:", "Template:", "Match No.:" and how to declare the "Reference Name" in the next web services.



If key appearance is unique in response you may simply use Regular Expression Extractor added to the HTTP Request which returns json response, with regex like following:

HTTP Request
    Regular Expression Extractor
    Reference Name: authKey
    Regular Expression: "key":"(.+?)"
    Template: $1$
    Match No.: 1

and refer extracted value as ${authKey} in all the further requests/samplers across your test.

As well you can look into this for the same situation.
And please don't be lazy in future to look first a bit around: it can appear that answer to your question already exists here.

  • Thanks for the answer. Its working fine for me now. – Seshu Kumar Oct 10 '12 at 7:02
  • Observed a space is added in the response data after using this regular expression POST data: {"data":"NA,,-,,{\"list\":\"84726F0E98A79DA265257A8A001F3C4B \", \"key\":\"QE0tENEENbtUVXybB0-SVgSAEfI \",\"folder\":\"$Inbox\"}"} Can you please explain me why this extra space is added in response data after the extracted key value. – Seshu Kumar Oct 12 '12 at 14:23

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