I have made a modal box popup functionality and I want to close this modal popup up box when someone hits the escape key, in all browsers. I have used the file modal-window.min.js for these popups.

How can I close these in response to this key?


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With the keydown function:

$(document).keydown(function(event) { 
  if (event.keyCode == 27) { 

Note: Prefer using keydown for the Escape key as in some browsers the keypress event is only fired if the key outputs a character

$(document).keypress(function(e) { 
    if (e.keyCode === 27) { 
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    $("#popdiv").fadeOut(500); <- This line just fades the modal out, but the fade stays. This keeps the entire background page faded and unclickable. Commented Apr 10, 2015 at 21:15
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    @CyberneticTwerkGuruOrc fade the proper div Commented Apr 27, 2015 at 11:58
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    it's keypress or keydown for escape key catch event ?
    – Nolwennig
    Commented Aug 17, 2016 at 15:10
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    This doesn't currently work in Chrome, however the keydown suggestion below does.
    – Nathan
    Commented Sep 10, 2018 at 23:17
  • agreed with @StaticVariable, but the sometimes keypress event only executes when it gives some output. Commented Feb 9, 2020 at 17:43

For the people landing on this looking for a non-jQuery solution, here it is:

document.addEventListener('keydown', (event) => {
  if (event.key === 'Escape') {
    // close modal here
<script type="text/javascript">
 jQuery(document).keypress(function(e) {
  if (e.keyCode === 27) {

Taken from: http://chandreshrana.blogspot.in/2016/05/how-to-close-model-popup-on-escape-key.html


If you have more than one modal, you can use script below. I had to open so many modal in one page, thats why i wrote this script. This script closes modals one by one according to opening order with escape key. And also you don't need to define any modal name in script hence add once use everywhere.

var modals=[]; // array to store modal id


$('.modal').modal({show: false, keyboard: false}); // disable keyboard because it conflicts below

$('.modal').on('show.bs.modal', function (event) {
   //add modal id to array

document.onkeydown = function(evt) {
    evt = evt || window.event;
    var isEscape = false;
    if ("key" in evt) {
        isEscape = (evt.key === "Escape" || evt.key === "Esc");
    } else {
        isEscape = (evt.keyCode === 27);
    if (isEscape) {

            //get last modal id by using pop(). 
            //This function also removes last item in array.
            var id = modals.pop();
            if($('#'+id).is(':visible')){ // if modal is not closed by click or close button
            alert("Could not find any modals!");


try this code :

<script type="text/javascript">

Using AngularJs: In case you have multiple modals,

assign a value to each modal, when you open the modal set it to true when you close it set it to false.

//in your .js script

    document.onkeydown = function (event) {
    event = event || window.event;
    if (event.keyCode === 27) {
        if (usersModal)
        else if (groupsModal)

Using Angular, event.target property indicates where you've set the ng-controller and event.currentTarget is the #document.

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