I can just drag and drop any image in google and get results. :)

How is it implimented ? What is the idea behind the algorithm ?

Is that image data converted to anything for search or..... no idea ..


Surprisingly, we can also use Google to answer this question!

What is the algorithm used by Google Search by Image

It is definitely not confirmed, but I'm sure Google uses many of these techniques/ a blend of them when identifying images


I think that google images uses a 3 combined algorithm

  1. detect image's deformation (by rotation, scale, illumination,...)
  2. detect by the colors
  3. detect by the visual similarity

and a fourth algorithm that is a secret by google (to ranking for example) ;)

(see here -> http://www.quora.com/Algorithms/What-is-the-algorithm-used-by-Google-Search-by-Image-1 )

Update 2016

My original answer was on 2012 - in the meanwhile other studies and research have taken more and more importance and I learn some new stuff. ;-)

In my opinion the mains "philosophies" about image detections are three:

  1. machine learning algorithms
  2. deep learning (a machine learning algorithm)
  3. (pattern recognition)

Today, I think that pattern recognition has lost its importance: machine learning is in my opinion the right way to work for searching by image.

With machine learning you can even search for similarly match (for example faces - that obviously are not equals between them). The difficult is how you will to teach correctly your machine. Different approach can be taken.

Deep learning is simply a machine learning algorithm. It goes deeper using differents layers to match a possible image, some example of layers could be:

  • pixel-vector (color, intensity,..)
  • shapes
  • edges
  • ...

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