Visual Studio has an option to place system directives at the top when sorting them.

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When this setting is unchecked, sorting using statements by right-clicking on them and using the Organize Usings feature, places System namespaces alphabetically along all other namespace imports.

However, ReSharper does not seem to honor this setting, nor does it have anything similar on its own Namespace Imports options page. It always behaves as if you want System namespaces at the top. This is especially annoying when you already have some at the bottom and you let ReSharper suggest a namespace to import, then you end up with some at both ends of the list.

Is there some way to fix this? Or is this just a bug/oversight in ReSharper?


I am using ReSharper 7 and at least for me ReSharper takes the "System directive sorting option" from Visual Studio options.

Sometimes when VS and ReSharper settings get messed it helps to reset Visual Studio settings from Tool->Import and Export Settings->Reset all settings.

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    I've checked on multiple workstations, reinstalled, etc. Resharper does not honor that VS setting when it is not checked. – Matt Johnson-Pint Oct 23 '12 at 15:43
  • @MattJohnson This is still true in current versions of Resharper (8.2). Resharper always places System directives first. – jmsb Jan 23 '15 at 3:42
  • @MattJohnson I am seeing this as well, that sucks. – Joe Cartano Jan 13 '16 at 21:59
  • @JoeCartano - see my answer for the explanation. – Matt Johnson-Pint Jan 14 '16 at 5:00

I was testing this again under ReSharper 8 to see if it's been fixed, and I noticed something interesting:

  • If my existing namespaces already have System items first, then ReSharper will insert new namespaces below them.

  • If my existing namespaces have at least one item before the System items, then ReSharper will insert new namespaces alphabetically.

  • ReSharper's behavior is the same regardless of the setting of Visual Studio. It only takes into consideration the existing namespaces - not the setting of Visual Studio.

So if I have the following:

using A;
using System;
using Z;

Then if I use a class from namespace B and alt-enter to let ReSharper add the namespace, it will end up as:

using A;
using B;
using System;
using Z;

BUT, if I just have this:

using System;
using Z;

And I do the same exact thing, then I'll get:

using System;
using B;
using Z;

And it doesn't matter what VS's setting is.

I assume this is what was happening in ReSharper 7 also and I just didn't notice.

  • Im using r# 2017.2 and it seems that it's not working. Allways using is putted on the top. – Norbert Rozmus Oct 27 '17 at 8:31

If I cut all the usings, then I paste them where they were, and then do the sorting, it seems to respect the option:

Place 'System' directives first when sorting usings

I'm testing this on Visual Studio Community 2017 and Resharper 2018.3.4.


For ReSharper 2019.2.3

ReSharper -> Options -> Code Editing -> C# -> 
Code Style -> Reference Qualification and 'using' Directives 

and then uncheck the checkbox

🔲 Place 'System.*' and 'Windows.*' namespaces first when sorting 'using' directives 

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