Maybe this question will look simple but I'm trying to look at some member variables from within ipdb and I cannot see how.


class MyClass( object ):
    def __init__( self, p ):
        self.__p = p
        pass                   # <--- breakpoint here!

I am sure that p is correct. In the debugger I enter:

ipdb> (self.__p)

and I get the following error message:

* * *AttributeError: 'MyClass' object has no attribute '__p'

It seems that self is the class, not the instance for the debugger.

Any idea about how to perform what I do?

I use Python 2.7.3 on IPython 0.12.1 on Kubuntu 12.04 - 64 bits.


See here for the reason, this is Pythons way of having "private" variables.

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    Your right! Thank you! ipdb> (self._MyClass__p) gives the correct result.
    – dom_beau
    Oct 11 '12 at 2:12

To give visibility to @dom_beau's comment, I repost its commnent as an answer.

The way to access "private" class members in ipdb is:

ipdb> (self._MyClass__p)

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