I am new to Hibernate/JPA and I am stuck at what I think is the last step. I have created a schema in my MySQL instance and want to generate the tables for the schema from the JPA entities I have created. I get an option in JPA Tools in eclipse "Generate Tables from Entities" but that gives me a message "Generate Tables from Entities is not supported by the Generic Platform. Is there a plugin or tool I need to use to make this work ?


If you are using hibernate you can:

  • I installed Hibernate Tools and tried using it on my Eclipse project. It seems that Eclipse 4.2 is not compatible with the tool and it crashed my project. I am wondering if I would need to try it with an older version of Eclipse. It seems that this solution answers my question though. Thank you. – Vineet Oct 20 '12 at 3:16

You will need to first install Hibernate Tools - How to install Hibernate Tools in Eclipse?

Then go to Project->Preferences->JPA and change the Platform to the appropriate version of Hibernate instead of the Generic Platform.

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