I am new to eclipse and I am unable to view all the breakpoints that I have placed. I even tried Window --> Show View --> Breakpoints but that is also not working.

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    For me Window-> Show View -> Breakpoints show all breakpoints. Did you set breakpoint?
    – anber
    Oct 11, 2012 at 10:28
  • Yes I did set the breakpoints and they also appear when I debug the application but I am unable to remove them now. Oct 11, 2012 at 10:35
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    Just select Breakpoint in Breakpoints View and press del button, or find string and "Toggle Breakpoint"
    – anber
    Oct 11, 2012 at 10:50

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As other users have suggested, to view all breakpoints : Window-> Show View -> Breakpoints.

To delete them, there are three ways:

  1. select the breakpoint & click on the cross button displayed in the same view.
  2. select the breakpoint, right click & select remove. (You can also temporarily disable it & remove all the breakpoints from this menu.)
  3. Go to the breakpoint in your file & double-click it.

Here is what worked for me, just today, Run-> Remove All Breakpoints


On the top-right corner, there is a search bar(Quick Access). You can search for breakpoints there and select breakpoints from options. All the breakpoints will be listed down.


You can remove all breakpoints by following below steps. Go to

Run -> Remove All Breakpoints.

This will remove all breakpoints.

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    The question is about how to view all breakpoints, not to remove all breakpoints
    – Andreas
    Oct 24, 2019 at 7:57
  • Thank you for notifying me. I misread as 'remove' break points.
    – Suresh
    Oct 24, 2019 at 20:31

Go to Windows->Show View->(Others)->(Debug)->Breakpoints->unchecked all debug points

and unchecked all debug points which you have checked, start in debug mode again. It worked for me.


For Oxygen.3a I use:

  • Window > Perspective > Open perspective > debug, and it shows the breakpoints window by default.
  • Then ALT + SHIFT + Q, B toggles the window (or Window > Show view > Breakpoints)

For Windows: Press Alt + Shift + Q, B


On Bottom there are many tabs like console ,Development Mode etc like wise Break Point also there you find all toggle break points.


Right click on the Debug icon and click Reset. I hope it Helps.


This shows all the breakpoints in the project.

Window > Perspective > Open perspective > debug, and it shows the breakpoints window by default.


Go to Run > Remove All Breakpoints

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    Wouldn’t this remove the break points? Original author is asking how to view (not remove)
    – bsheps
    Mar 22, 2021 at 21:19

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