How do I find out what version of TinyMCE I am running?

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Having a look at the source of tinymce (file tiny_mce_src.js, which is easier to read than, tiny_mce.js which is minified) :

var tinymce = {
    majorVersion : '3',
    minorVersion : '2.5',
    releaseDate : '2009-06-29',

    // lots of code ^^


So, I'd say that, in Javascript, something like this :

tinymce.majorVersion + '.' + tinymce.minorVersion

would do.

I tried it on the demo page, using firebug, and I get :

>>> tinymce.majorVersion + '.' + tinymce.minorVersion

So, seems to be working ;-)

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    Neat that they include it for the client to check. Although, this results in "@@tinymce_major_version@@.@@tinymce_minor_version@@" if they're building from the source, in which cases, checking dates in companion files or their timestamps are your best option, unfortunately.
    – Alastair
    Feb 14, 2013 at 2:09

Open the page, on which you integrate the tinyMCE and press Control+Shift+J

and type following command.


and the output of the above the command, will show both major version, minor version and release date as shown in figure.

enter image description here


If you have included tinymce in your page, then you can view it in your browser dev-tool




and there will be visible majorVersion and minorVersion at first glance


go to Chrome Console type tinyMCE.majorVersion and tinyMCE.minorVersion take a look

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