Yesterday, I began encountering '999' errors on Yahoo-Pipes. It looks like they throttle requests from a given IP address.

Does anyone know the Yahoo-Pipes' requests per minute limit?

  • 200 runs (of a given Pipe) in 10 minutes.
  • 200 runs (of any Pipe) from an IP in 10 minutes.
  • If you exceed the 200 runs in a 10 minute block, your Pipe will be 999'ed for a hour.
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    please dont use tinyurl on a site like this - theres no reason to – aehlke Aug 22 '10 at 0:07

It looks like Yahoo hasn't published any documentation on their limits yet.

The troubleshooting guide is vague:

Why am I getting "999 Errors" from pipes.yahoo.com? A 999 error implies you are over utilizing our service.

Please try throttling back the number of requests made to the Pipes site and within a few hours you should no longer be blocked.

The Pipes team puts these measures in place to protect the overall experience for its users. If you think the amount of traffic you are sending to the Pipes site should be allowed and would like to make more requests than normal, please contact our Business Development team at: pipes-bd [at] yahoo-inc.com.

However, I did find a Pipes developer forum post posted on July 31 which indicates forthcoming documentation:


You'll have to hang on for an hour or so before your IP gets unblocked.

We're going to create a doc on the rate limits, i'll post back here when we have more info about it.

Thanks -Paul Pipes Team

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