Just wondering if there is any Analytics type things available for github. I'd be curious to know who is viewing / using my code, if anyone...

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All analytics for a GitHub repository is available at

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Update August 2014:

The Traffic graph now includes the number of clones: See "Clone Graphs"


All the information are mainly available through the (newly refurbished) User page.

But you can query some of those data through the Github API for users, as described in "How I built my blog in one day"

I wanted to have a button with my number of GitHub followers and GitHub repositories that was dynamic.
GitHub provides an api of each users information:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

        $('#gf').text('GitHub Followers');
        $('#gfr').text('GitHub Repos'); 

$.get('https://api.github.com/users/erjjones', function(res) {
var obj = jQuery.parseJSON(res);    
if(typeof obj.followers != 'undefined') 
$('#gf').text(obj.followers + ' GitHub Followers');
$('#gfr').text(obj.public_repos + ' GitHub Repos'); 
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