I have a form element companyState which is a drop down box

$companyState = $this->createElement('select', 'companyState')
            array (
                '' => 'Select',

        ->setAttrib('id', 'companyState')          
                'title' => 'companyState',
                'class' => 'st-select'

and passing the form element as $this->addElements(array($companyState));

in the controller, I am fetching the companyState names from a table and assigning to the form as below

$stateListObject = ST_State_StateList::readStateListWithDetailsFromDatabase();
    $stateListIterObject = new ST_State_StateListIter($stateListObject);

    $stateNameArray = array();

    for (; $stateListIterObject->valid(); $stateListIterObject->next()) {
        $stateListObject = $stateListIterObject->current();
        $stateNameArray[$stateListObject->id] = $stateListObject->state_name;

    $companySettingsFormObject = App::getForm('Company', 'ST_CompanySettingsForm');     
    $obj = $companySettingsFormObject;
    if (!($obj instanceof $companySettingsFormObject)) {
        $companySettingsFormObject = App::getForm('Company', 'ST_CompanySettingsForm');


I'm getting a Fatal Error: call to member function addMultiOptions() on a non object in zend Ocassionaly but not everytime. If I do any modification in the file like add/remove the form elements or remove the from from cache. This error occurs. Please help how to trace the problem and fix it


Try die(var_dump($companySettingsFormObject)) to see if $companySettingsFormObject exists before you do something with it.

Most likely $companySettingsFormObject isn't properly created for some reason on this line:

$companySettingsFormObject = App::getForm('Company', 'ST_CompanySettingsForm');


Or, the $companySettingsFormObject->getElement('companyState') is not an object. Try debugging getElement() method to see why isn't it returning an object.

You also can change



if (isset($companySettingsFormObject->getElement('companyState')) && is_object($companySettingsFormObject->getElement('companyState'))) {

It will check weather the element exists and weather it is an object.

  • Its says its an object.How do i overcome this problem if it doesnt create an object for this form element. – Indira Jeldi Oct 12 '12 at 11:37
  • i've updated the answer with some more suggestions – bogatyrjov Oct 12 '12 at 12:07

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