I have published a ASPX page with DCP.

         <tridion:ComponentPresentation runat="server" PageURI="tcm:9-5251-64" ComponentURI="tcm:9-5245" TemplateURI="tcm:9-5247-32"/> 

What are the ways to execute this page, so that it renders the DCP.

I just tried browsing this page through IIS, I am getting parser error.

Unknown server tag 'tridion:ComponentPresentation'

It would be great if some one can guide me to run this page.

Thanks in Advance


Make sure you have following tag in web.config and Tridion.ContentDelivery dll in bin

            <add tagPrefix="tridion" 
     assembly="Tridion.ContentDelivery" />

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    you'll also need to have the storage configuration handy so the content delivery dlls know where to get the content from.
    – johnwinter
    Oct 12 '12 at 14:01

You need to install the 'API Server Role' for your .NET web application:


(username/password required)

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