I'm learning clojure on Heroku using this tutorial. I've come across the same thing in other tutorials, as well.

Anyway, using the jetty adapter in ring, you have something like this:

(defroutes routes 

(defn start []
  (ring/run-jetty #'routes {:port 8080 :join? false}))

I don't understand what #'routes means. If I replace it with just routes it seems to work fine. What does the #'symbol notation mean? It's been very difficult to research.

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It's a reader macro. #'foo expands to (var foo). See Is pound-quote (hash-quote, #') in Clojure running the resolve and symbol functions?, Difference between Symbols and Vars in Clojure and http://clojure.org/vars where you can find in-depth discussion.


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