One team I am working on uses Jenkins + PHPUnit for CI. I am looking for a good way to indicate a particular person is addressing a particular test which may be failing the build. The Claim plugin seems great for claiming an entire failing build but I'm looking for some way to make it more granular. It would be particularly useful to make a "sticky" per-test claim so if the same test fails next build the Claimer is retained. Can Claim do this (I thought it could, but I must be missing something if so)? Can something else do this?

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    The feature you're looking for is part of the claim plugin. As soon as claiming and publishing the junit test results is activated for a project, test specific claiming is allowed. As I am not a PHP developer I cannot verify this suggestion: Have you tried to install the xunit plugin? If so, please drill down to a specific test result of a broken test and verify if you can claim the test. – MrsTang Jan 3 '13 at 14:33

This is provided by the Claim plugin, as indicated by MrsTang. However, you need to activate this per job.

In the Job configuration, under the Post-Build Action Publish Test Results you will find a check box Allow claiming of failed tests. That will allow you to claimed failed tests. We found that feature to work quite fine.

  • Interesting. I see that checkbox if I add 'Publish JUnit test result' but not under 'Publish xUnit test result' (I'm using PHP here). Perhaps xUnit does not support this feature yet. – FoolishSeth Jan 28 '13 at 17:30
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    I think the feature is not provided by the JUnit plugin, but by the Claim plugin. I would suggest creating an issue in the Jenkins Jira for the Claim plugin, requesting to add the option to xUnit plugin as well. – pushy Jan 29 '13 at 8:58

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