I have code that worked fine under iOS 5 while tested under VoiceOver. My code adds a collection of MKPinAnnotationViews to a MKMapView. My problem in iOS 6 is that voiceover reads street names and other POIs (which can be many) prior to reaching the pins I have added. Is there a way to reorder these? I can't seem to find any recommendation from Apple on how to add pins to maps for iOS 6.


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    Great question. I'm having the same issues myself.
    – pho0
    Apr 15, 2013 at 17:51

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The best way to handle your situation is using the rotor to order and select only the annotations you specify in your predicate.

To understand how that should be implemented, I suggest you take a look at the WWDC 2016 - What's New in Accessibility video whose content is perfectly summarized here and that fully explains how this feature works thanks to a detailed example.

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