Is there any module that can parse restructuredtext into a tree model?

Can docutils or sphinx do this?


Docutils does indeed contain the tools to do this.

What you probably want is the parser at docutils.parsers.rst

See this page for details on what is involved. There are also some examples at docutils/examples.py - particularly check out the internals() function, which is probably of interest.

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    Just to add that Docutils is the reference implementation of reStructuredText and that Sphinx is built on top of Docutils. So yes, Docutils is definitely the correct tool for this. – Chris Oct 18 '12 at 11:41

I'd like to extend upon the answer from Gareth Latty. "What you probably want is the parser at docutils.parsers.rst" is a good starting point of the answer, but what's next? Namely:

How to parse restructuredtext in python?

Below is the exact answer for Python 3.6 and docutils 0.14:

import docutils.nodes
import docutils.parsers.rst
import docutils.utils
import docutils.frontend

def parse_rst(text: str) -> docutils.nodes.document:
    parser = docutils.parsers.rst.Parser()
    components = (docutils.parsers.rst.Parser,)
    settings = docutils.frontend.OptionParser(components=components).get_default_values()
    document = docutils.utils.new_document('<rst-doc>', settings=settings)
    parser.parse(text, document)
    return document

And the resulting document can be processed using, for example, below, which will print all references in the document:

class MyVisitor(docutils.nodes.NodeVisitor):

    def visit_reference(self, node: docutils.nodes.reference) -> None:
        """Called for "reference" nodes."""

    def unknown_visit(self, node: docutils.nodes.Node) -> None:
        """Called for all other node types."""

Here's how to run it:

doc = parse_rst('spam spam lovely spam')
visitor = MyVisitor(doc)
  • How do I unparse it? As in, go from a series of nodes back to an .rst file after I've made some modification to the nodes? – Boris Feb 23 at 22:19
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    Thank you for the code samples! It's ironic that docutils has the worst documentation of any library I've tried to use (at least it has documentation though). – Boris Feb 23 at 22:20
  • Unparsing - that's an entirely different question, I encourage you to ask separately to this one, unless it's already been asked of course! I'm not aware of any specific solution at the moment. – mbdevpl Feb 24 at 10:50

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