I am using Flask on Heroku right now and I want to be able to log errors to a file (via FileHandler).

I don't think that's officially supported by heroku.

On heroku's logging page there's some mentioning of syslogs and drains, which seem pretty complicated to set up.

I want something quick and easy. Any recommendations?


Anything your app writes to stdout will end up in Heroku's consolidated log for your application, according to their docs, which you can then access with heroku log and the other tools. That's probably the quickest/easiest way to get logs from your app to a place you can look at them.

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Follow on heroku logging

To view your logs we have:

  1. logs command retrives 100 log lines by default.

heroku logs

  1. show maximum 1500 lines, --num(or -n) option.

heroku logs -n 200

  1. Show logs in real time

heroku logs --tail

  1. If you have many apps on heroku

heroku logs --app your_app_name

  1. You can use this addons papertrail. Log volume per day(10mb), search back of logs (2 days), archive duration (7days)
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If you want your own file I would try this:

print('Hello', 'World', 2+3, file=open('file.txt', 'w'))

You can do what Minh Nguyen said or you can add the paper trails dyno which can be configured to send updates by email or slack.

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