Could anyone please give me a brief full list of containers in Java? Some of the ones I know are Array, Arraylist, Hashtable, HashMap, HashSet, Node, NodeList, TreeNode, and TreeMap.


essentially, all the docs about java "containers", or better known as collections, is here, with the most useful page being this one, brief list here. There are other implementations of the collections framework, like the fastutils framework that gives better performance if you knew the type you were going to use. Also Gnu Trove is another one similar to fastutils.


You can check at official Sun tutorial.


Check also the Google Collections library:

The Google Collections is a set of new collection types, implementations and related goodness for Java 5 and higher, brought to you by Google. It is a natural extension of the Java Collections Framework you already know and love.

Edit: There was a very nice cheatsheet for Java Collections which is not available anymore. There are lots of others though, like this one.

  • +1 for Sun's Collection tutorial. IMO, the best place to start. – Bill the Lizard Aug 17 '09 at 15:56
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    @dfa - above link for cheatsheet looks outdated.It takes me to a site with ads. Can you modify the link? – cppcoder Aug 30 '16 at 18:34

Have a look-see at the Java Collections API, and at this page for more information


"Containers are the interface between a component and the low-level platform-specific functionality that supports the component. Before a web component, enterprise bean, or application client component can be executed, it must be assembled into a Java EE module and deployed into its container." here is my source : http://docs.oracle.com/javaee/1.4/tutorial/doc/Overview3.html


A good start is looking at which classes implement Collection<E> and Map<K,V>.


I don't know if I can give you a complete exhaustive list, but I believe most of the standard Java API containers should reside in the java.util package.

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