Running git push heroku master always triggers a step that prompts:

Installing dependencies with npm

This step loads and reinstalls all of the dependencies again even it already exists. This is very time consuming and I want to skip this step sometimes when I deploy that I know the dependencies are the same.

Is there any command or options that do this?

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    Unfortunately, if you take a look at the Heroku buildpack for node.js, there doesn't appear to a skip npm install option. It always runs npm install --production followed by npm rebuild. It is possible, however, to create your own buildpack on heroku that specifies a different behavior for npm install.
    – smithclay
    Oct 15, 2012 at 22:42

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Its been a long time since you asked this question, now the Heroku buildpack caches node_modules, so install times will be much faster.

If however you still want to block npm install, here is one solution.

As of when I write this, the default Heroku build pack does not allow skipping npm install entirely. You can see in the dependencies.sh file, this line will always run:

npm install --unsafe-perm --userconfig $build_dir/.npmrc 2>&1

However, if you create a file called .npmrc in your project folder with the following contents:


This will cause npm install to not modify your existing node_modules directory.

Note that this change will also apply to the npm prune command that Heroku runs, but WILL NOT apply to the npm rebuild command (which is probably fine).


try to remove


for example from you .gitignore


Simplest ways I've found are

heroku apps:rename newTemporaryName


heroku apps:rename originalName

or change the NODE_ENV and get it back to previous again.

heroku config:set NODE_ENV=dev


heroku config:set NODE_ENV=production

There are probably other, similar hacks but these should be sufficient.

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