i have a strange issue whilst using the lightbox plugin where the overlay for it (the greyish black bg that normally shows when clicking an <a>) is displayed at the bottom of my page and doesn't close when the user clicks off the image. This is a little hard to describe so here's an image illustrating the problem:

enter image description here

Clicking this then creates the overlay at the bottom of the page outside of the <form> element with the image further down, like so:

enter image description here

The rendered image markup looks as follows:

<div id="lightbox-gallery">
      <li><a href="/what-does-it-do/submit-annual-returns/lightboxobjects/forbury-large1/" rel="lightbox[group]" rev="/What-does-it-do/Submit-Annual-Returns/LightboxObjects/forbury-large1" title="Fobury court"><img src="/getattachment/819283f6-7436-40dc-9401-9f8194efc0e8/forbury-large1?maxsidesize=150" alt="forbury-large1"></a></li>

The jQuery is:

$(function () {
    $('#lightbox-gallery ul li a').lightBox();

Am i missing something obvious here? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Are you importing the Lightbox Css file? It seems the correct styles aren't being applied to the overlay.


You can try it with very basic setting as described here (Just for testing)


I hope you are using the same plugin.

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