I can't get Ruby and Java to agree on a HMAC:


hmac_key = "my hmac key" #this is THE REAL KEY
msg = "fCyVmpFAZxv9Utui2QWGUtoGJ//Zr5aH+1PV31ry/dwX3yVdeEMIMW/dfoA9\nihbnYrnoSnb2yyfOrBYoy0JlDvWz8GJ6dY643lDTj7xcw8Q="
hashb16  = OpenSSL::HMAC.hexdigest('sha256', hmac_key, msg)
puts hashb16



String hmac_key = "my hmac key";
String encrypted_message_b64 = "fCyVmpFAZxv9Utui2QWGUtoGJ//Zr5aH+1PV31ry/dwX3yVdeEMIMW/dfoA9ihbnYrnoSnb2yyfO\nrBYoy0JlDvWz8GJ6dY643lDTj7xcw8Q=";
final Mac hmac = Mac.getInstance("HmacSHA256");
hmac.init(new SecretKeySpec(hmac_key.getBytes("UTF-8"), "HmacSHA256"));
byte[] signature = hmac.doFinal(encrypted_message_b64.getBytes("UTF-8"));


Can you spot what's wrong?

Edit: I fixed the string that was badly copy/pasted.

Edit2: I reverted the fix, and use the proper content on ruby string so the answers and the accepted answer still make sense. Sorry for the mess

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  • The Java contains an escaped newline (\n) – John Watts Oct 15 '12 at 12:38
  • The Ruby too, and at a different place – Pavel Zdenek Oct 15 '12 at 12:41

The messages are different - see the dfoA9\n in the Ruby block.

  • And fO\n in java code – halex Oct 15 '12 at 12:39
  • Did you try using the same string? it still doesn't work – Miguel Ping Oct 15 '12 at 12:44
  • I originally did not run the code; I have now run the ruby version after changing b64_encoded => message. I installed the JDK and downloaded the commons-codec jar (it would have been helpful if you'd included the code block in a ready-to-run source file); but my Java is very rusty and I couldn't get it to run with the jar included. – bloopletech Oct 15 '12 at 13:04
  • 1
    Nevermind, it was a stupid copy/paste error because of newlines. Ruby has strict_encode64 which should prevent this; java should have this too. – Miguel Ping Oct 15 '12 at 13:06

I don't know what you "fixed" by copy&pasting, the two source strings are still different (having \n at different places), and the hashes you posted are now equal. I suppose you don't have them equal, otherwise you won't be posting the question.

But what i see is that you are using b64_encoded as the Ruby input, which is not the msg you are showing us. Is there a chance it has a different content?

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