I got a problem when trying to increment by 1 on given field in my db. I tried with and without active records.

My functions look like this (in my model)

function _set_reads($id){
$this->db->set('reads', 'reads+1', FALSE)
$this->db->where('id', $id);


function _set_reads($id){
$sql = 'update article set reads=reads+1 where id=?';
$this->db->query($sql, array($id));

I get the same error in both cases and it's the following error message:

Error Number: 1064

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'reads+1 WHERE `id` = '15'' at line 1

UPDATE `article` SET `reads` = reads+1 WHERE `id` = '15'

I am using the latest version of MAMP


-- Need small correction

$this->db->where('id', $id);
$this->db->set('set_row', '`set_row`+ 1', FALSE);

Thank You

  • Thanks a lot @syyu !
    – Rashmy
    Jan 10 '19 at 12:16

Solved it: I had to change

$this->db->set('reads', 'reads+1', FALSE)


$this->db->set('reads', '`reads+1`', FALSE)

Sorry for the post...

  • why to prevent the value from being escaped ? Feb 2 '14 at 15:26
  • 6
    $this->db->set('reads', '`reads+1`', FALSE) must be $this->db->set('reads', '`reads`+1', FALSE)
    – vee
    Apr 8 '14 at 19:35
  • How can i do it with update_batch() multiple records have different value to increment? Oct 3 '17 at 7:54
  • 1
    @Jitendra did you ever get a solution to your question?
    – owsata
    Mar 21 '20 at 21:45
  • @owsata, i am really sorry. i don't remember now that. Ofcourse i did some solution for that but i don't remember as of now. Apr 3 '20 at 5:49

set() will also accept an optional third parameter ($escape), that will prevent data from being escaped if set to FALSE.

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