I have the following mongodb structure

   "_id": ObjectId("507c80a143188f9610000003"),
   "date": ISODate("2012-10-15T21: 31: 13.0Z"),
   "uid": NumberInt(35920),
   "comp": NumberInt(770),
   "fields": {
     "rating": {
       "parent": "rating",
       "weight": NumberInt(2),
       "rel_weight": 0.11,
     "capacity": {
       "parent": "capacity",
       "weight": NumberInt(4),
       "rel_weight": 0.89,

The "fields" attribute has 2 fields "rating" and "capacity" in it. But, each entry might have a different set of fields. eg. dimension, price etc.

I would like to find all entries that have "rating" under "fields" and get a sum of "weight" attribute of all such entries.

I am a newbie to mongodb and I tried using the mapReduce function, but with no avail.

Given below is the code I used. Kindly let me know where I went wrong or if there is a better solution instead of this code.

function map(){

function reduce(key,value){
    var sum = 0;
    for ( var i=0; i<value.length; i++ ) {
        sum += value[i].amount;
    return sum;

res = db.collection_name.mapReduce(map, reduce, { query: {"fields.rating" : { $exists: true } });

I was finally able to figure it out and get it working. I have shared my code below.

var map = function(){

var reduce = function (k, vals) {
    var sum = 0;
    var count = 0;
    for (var i in vals) {
        sum += vals[i];
    var avg = (sum/count);
    return avg;

var res = db.myCollection.mapReduce(map, reduce, {out:"myoutput"});

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