In XAML, how do I put a standard dividing line in a menu?


<MenuItem Header="_File" Name="m_fileMenu">
    <MenuItem Header="_Open" Command="ApplicationCommands.Open"/>
    <!-- Trying to put a divider here! -->
    <MenuItem Header="-" />  <!-- Wrong guess -->
    <MenuItem Header="E_xit" Command="ApplicationCommands.Close" />

Use a Separator like this:

<MenuItem Header="_Open" Command="ApplicationCommands.Open" />
<Separator />
<MenuItem Header="E_xit" Command="ApplicationCommands.Close" />
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  • it seems like this is now called Divider not Separator? – Mitch VanDuyn Jun 9 at 21:43

I needed to iterate through MenuItems for various reasons, and using Separator meant a bit of casting, so I used a 1px high MenuItem instead

<MenuItem Height="1" Background="LightGray"/>

The correct answer most definitely is to use Separator, but the above works visually too, and can be a solution in some cases.

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