I have a project using Reactive Extensions and ReactiveUI. I upgraded to the pre release version and I have the following line of code

                                                 Function(x) x.Value

Visual studio tells me there is an error here on the method ObservableToPropertyin that the following assembly is missing

    Error   9       
    Reference required to assembly 
    containing the type 'System.Reactive.Concurrency.IScheduler'. Add one to your project.       

Now I click the link which suggests it will add the reference and then nothing happens. If I look in my project references I see that the assembly is indeed in the assembly list and it is the correct version 2.0.20823.0 and if I look on the path the DLL is indeed there.

Any ideas?

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This is now fixed, check out ReactiveUI 4.0 Preview 5


It turns out that at this date reactive UI is not built yet for .NET 4.5 as the developer is having some build issues.

As a work around I build it myself by pulling the repository from Git and referring to the core library directly from within my .NET 4.5 project.

This seems to work at the moment. YMMV


Do you have Target Framework set to full .net or to Client Profile (in project settings)?

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