I am working on a website which authenticates with Facebook, so that the user can sign in through his/her Facebook profile. I've seen similar questions like this one, but none that covers exactly my issue.

To test this Facebook authentication locally, I figured that some hacks were needed. You see, Facebook only allows redirects to certain domains after the authentication process. For these domains, localhost is not an option.

So I decided to do some research. I ended up changing my hosts file to point the domain local.fablelane.com to However, now it complains when I try to change the virtual directory in Visual Studio 2012.

First, I see this dialog after changing it.

enter image description here

I then click Yes and end up with this dialog here.

enter image description here

What do you suggest I try? How can I change my virtual directory? It is important that I find a way to do this either programmatically, through changing a file somewhere, or through the commandline. The reason for this is that I intend to make an automatic setup program that does this for me in the future.


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You will need to uncheck Use IIS Express and also add your new name local.fablelane.com as a binding to IIS, so that when VS tries to open the site URL, the host-header matches the site.

Also, is there any reason you need a specific port, rather than the default? It should be fine with 80.

You haven't said which version of IIS you're using, but on 8, open IIS Admin, expand your machine-name, expand Sites, right-click on local.fablelane.com (or however you've named it), and select Edit bindings and add local.fablelane.com.

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    I'd changed my Default App bindings and had localhost removed but forgot. I had to re-add it to get the Virtual Directory creation to work. Why can't the IIS developers just write decent error messages?
    – makhdumi
    Jan 22, 2018 at 23:26

Try uncheck the option "Use IIS Express".


Check if your website port number in IIS has been changed.If its changed edit bindings and change port number to 80


In addition to the above, click on the override application root URL and paste the host name address which you have given in the Project Url.

It worked for me.

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