I am wondering if scp will create the target folder if it does not exist on the remote server. For example, would this work?

scp -r /data/install/somefolder user@ftpserver.com:/data/install/somefolder

Here the folder /data/install/somefolder doesn't exist on ftp server, so would this command create it?

N.B. I have read about rsync but am not really sure how it works or how to use it yet.

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  • What does the ssh/scp manual or documentation say? – Jens Oct 17 '12 at 8:51

To achieve the task with ssh and scp (instead of rsync):


Lets break into 2 steps :

1. Create directory if missing:

ssh user@ftpserver.com 'mkdir -p /data/install/somefolder'

2. Copy to it:

scp -r /data/install/somefolder user@ftpserver.com:/data/install/somefolder

Put them together

ssh "$server" "mkdir -p $destiny" && scp -r "$src" "$server:$destiny"
  • this will fail for sub directories. – user2867106 Apr 12 at 15:26
  • @user2867106 mkdir -p the -p option creates the parent directory if missing. scp -r does the recursive copy. I dont see why it would fail. Could you explain a bit more? – Thamme Gowda Apr 12 at 16:30

Short answer: no.

...but rsync does, which is why i have aliased scp to rsync -Pravdtze ssh on my box. Yes, that's a lot of switches, which in combination produces my preferred rsync behavior. As rsync does provide a very extensive set of switches and options, i suggest you do some research on it to see what fits your needs best. Manpage is a good place to start, but there are a lot of info easily available. Here's a decent list of examples.

Edit: Actually, in that particular case you posted, the folder will be created, as that's the folder you're copying. However, if you're trying to copy it to user@remotehost:somenonexistentfolder/somefolder, then it will fail.

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