Is there an API for OpenGrok? I'm interested in mining the results in either Perl or Java. At the moment, I could perform HTML scrapping against the results, but seems less-than-ideal.

As per its website, it leverages Lucene, but no real info on how to connect to it other than via HTML.

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Starting in OpenGrok 0.13, there is a simple REST API.

With OpenGrok 1.0 there is a JSON API.

  • Apparently it's only available through localhost
    – makhdumi
    Jul 10, 2019 at 23:23

Opengrok supports a command line interface that may be able to provide what you're looking for.


$ java -cp ./opengrok.jar org.opensolaris.opengrok.search.Search -R /var/opengrok/etc/configuration.xml -f "My Search"

This fork has a JSON API: https://github.com/Goyaka/OpenGrok/blob/f70d78e743a0a389b46ea36c4785182ee8f03e13/src/com/goyaka/opengrok/web/SearchServlet.java

This issue discusses it: https://github.com/OpenGrok/OpenGrok/issues/422

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