I am very new to YAWS and ERLANG and would like to call a function from a different .erl file to the YAWS page.

i.e. I have a page called webpage.yaws and have another file called utilities.erl and would like to call a function from utilities.erl in webpage.yaws

Any ideas?



It's very simple, just call the function like you would normally do in Erlang programs, i.e. Module:func_name(arguments) the only thing you need to do is make sure Yaws knows where to find the compiled BEAM file. In the Yaws configuration file add:

ebin_dir = /tmp/ebin

Compile your utilities.erl, put the BEAM file in /tmp/ebin and you can call your utility functions from the webpage.yaws file.

Full example:


    out(Arg) ->
       {html, ["Retrieved from utilities: ", D]}.




get_some_strings() ->
    "hello world!".
  • I am also a newbie to Erlang. So I am not sure if I am interpreting something wrong or picking a fine point. I liked johlo's answer but I could only get it to load a function in a module defined in a beam file after I restarted the yaws service – S. Francis Jun 29 at 18:05

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