What I'd like to do is display the description from the currently selected field in a label on my form. I feel that where it is currently being displayed (the bottom left status bar) is barely noticeable.

How do I access that value in the status bar? For example, on my form, when I have a say, employee name field selected, in the bottom left in small print, it displays "The name of the employee you are registering."

I know in some event on my form, I need code that does

 me.lblControlDescription.Caption = me.statusbar.caption

How do I access the text in the status bar (the field description) in VBA?


The text in the status bar is the current field's Description property.

From VBA, you can access the Description of a field in the form's recordset.

Debug.Print Me.Recordset.fields("id").Properties("Description")

So, if you have a label control named lblDescription, you can set its .Caption value to the field's Description.

Me.lblDescription.Caption = Me.Recordset.fields("id").Properties("Description")

However, this could be more complicated. Description is a user-created property, which means that it doesn't exist until you give it a value. And, if you have one set, but delete its value later, the property itself no longer exists.

If you attempt to retrieve the Description when one doesn't exist, VBA will throw error #3270, "Property not found." You could trap that error, and set Me.lblDescription.Caption to vbNullString when it happens.

You also need a strategy for when to change Me.lblDescription.Caption. You could create a procedure to set it based on the current active control. Then call that procedure from the on focus event of each of your form's controls. There may be a better approach for this, but I'm not seeing one just now.

  • Thanks hans, I was under the impression that the description was actually being set as the value for the form (on change of active control), and could be accessed that way. Would Me.lblDescription.caption = Me.ActiveControl.Properties("description") be an effective solution? Edit: it is not
    – Scotch
    Oct 17 '12 at 18:55
  • I'll guess no. A field can have a Description property; a control does not. Also plan your strategy to cope with unbound data controls as well as other controls (ie command button) for which Description is not available.
    – HansUp
    Oct 17 '12 at 19:02

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