At some point, Users might get bored of the Style/Theme of the WEB applications.
They might think, "Only If I could make it look the way I like it"


  • I myself is a user of Stack Overflow. What if I Like the Page-headerBar to look Blue/Purple
  • Page itself to have a Black background and white text color
  • ...

My need:
Not just change the class attribute but the complete CSS definition itself.
If we force the users to select from a set of Stylesheets, that would be constricting them to a small space, So I like to avoid that.

* Note * I need it in pure javascript not using any jquery plugin or any jquery script


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You Can Try This Its Pure Javascript

    function applyit()
        var ref = document.querySelector("#divel");
        var bdy = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];
        var style = (bdy.querySelector("#thm") || document.createElement("style"));
        var reqCSS = prompt("Enter the CSS Body","color:#AA5533;");
        style.innerHTML = ".cus{"+reqCSS+"}";
    <style> .def { color:#0000FF; } </style>

<div id="divel" class="def">
  <h3>This is a heading in a div element Which Has The Color Change</h3>
  <p>This is p tag in a div element Which Has The Color Change.</p>

<p onclick="applyit();">Click Here To Change The Color For Heading and p tag.</p>

Note: We could store the User Preferred style in browserStorage/Server to improve UserExperience


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